created by: Raeann Giles

It takes a village...even if it's a village of Crazies

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about playdates anonymous

When your mom friends surprise you with the playgroup you've always wanted, but wait...this is no ordinary playdate. You've been bombarded by a group of Crazies!  A tiger mom and her court mandated life coach/yogi (what? exactly!) the hippie mom that's still breastfeeding (he's seriously old) and the gay work from home Dad (the only normal one in the group) lead by a Ph.T: Playgroup Helper and Therapist (No, that's not a real thing.)   As competitive as they seem they keep returning, maybe for unity, maybe for their kids to play, maybe because the playgroup has a babysitter (score!) ok it's really for the shirtless, foreign male model, that serves wine at the end of every session.

the cast